New website for the Glow series

The inspiration for the Glow series comes ultimately from nature—compressed bands of colour in the sky seen through plane windows and the colours of spring gardens, tropical water, landscapes and seashells.

These glowing images evoke wonder, reflection and meditation. They are spaces to get lost in; simplicity in a cluttered world.


Coming in January, 2018: A pop-up gallery for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival TODO featuring the Glow Series. Details to follow.


Sleeping with Rats: Travels and Encounters in Indonesia, a new illustrated travel memoir is being released in early 2018.


Two Journeys: Swimming from Darkness to Light- Book Launch

Two Journeys Two Journeys


Previous Exhibitions

Work from Lorna’s Botanical Series was exhibited at the Interior Design Show (Toronto) in January, 2011 through Open Studio’s Sales Program.

Lorna’s Hockey Vignettes will be exhibited at the Toronto Artist Project at the Queen Elizabeth Building in early March, 2010. She is showing with the Open Studio Collective at Booth number 410. Follow the link to for more information regarding dates and times.







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